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 About me

My formative experiences were spending many weeks alone in the woods as a young child and, after dropping out of school at 13, hitchhiking alone around the eastern United States. The former imbued me with a permanent sense of wonder and an unshaken belief in magic. The latter showed me how freedom and fear may live side by side, revealed the generosity and depravity of my fellow humans, and animated my inborn desire to embrace the common good, to nurture justice and community in the world. These are the gifts that sustain me.

I have worked as a writer, editor and communications director for Planned Parenthood, several elected officials, an environmental foundation and nonprofits focused on disability, health and economic equity. My fiction has appeared in The Saturday Evening PostStill Point Arts Quarterly, Idle Ink and elsewhere. My nonfiction, focused on sustainability, has appeared in The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Huffington Post, and elsewhere. I live in Brooklyn, New York, where I am pursuing my second graduate degree, an MFA in Creative Writing and Literature. 

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