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Farmers to DOJ: Break Up Big Ag!

Anti-trust Violations in Agriculture are Suddenly in the News, but They're Nothing New

It's been almost a dozen years since Eric Holder’s Department of Justice toured the country hearing from farmers about the devastating consequences of agricultural monopolies, with no discernable result. Then, in September of 2021, the National Farmers Union launched its own anti-trust campaign and the US Department of Justice warned of an antitrust crackdown in agriculture. These may be good signs, or they may just be efforts to cast shade on an antitrust lawsuit filed by a group of Idaho farmers last spring and take control of the conversation. Time will tell.  Meanwhile, below are links to my original series on this topic. Unfortunately, they are just as relevant today as when I wrote them. It's also worth noting that Tom Vilsack is once again heading up the Department of Agriculture and making the same kinds of promises he made then. 

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